8月14日生まれ:出身地 岡山県



岡山県という日本の片田舎町で生まれ育った天野トロイカは、幼少頃から数々のミステリ ーや怪奇小説に魅了され想像の世界で創造するのが大好きな少々変わった少年だった。



大学進学後、バンド活動を始めるが同時期に双極性障害を発症。 自殺未遂を繰り返しながらも自らの生きる意味を模索し続けた彼は大好きだった創作活動にもう一度挑戦しようと映画学校へと進学。
闘病生活が続くなか東京へと上京したのは 25歳の春だった。




Troika Amano

[Contemporary art/Film/Photography]

Troika Amano was born and raised in a rural town in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

He loved to read mysteries and bizarre novels from an early age.

Later, he was bullied and had to face the cruel reality of not being understood by his family, which is supposed to be his only place of salvation.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a natural progression for him to become more involved in the world of novels, movies, and music that he loved.

After entering university, he started playing in a band, but at the same time, he developed bipolar disorder. While repeatedly attempting suicide, he continued to search for the meaning of life, and enrolled in a film school in order to once again challenge his favorite creative activity.

In the spring of his 25th year, he moved to Tokyo while his illness continued.

One day, as he began to show signs of returning to society, he realized that depression had caused me to lose my emotions, joy, anger, sadness, and sorrow.

Because I don’t know what normal is, I want to create “normal” works.

Through his various creative activities, he continues to project reality (non-fiction) within fiction, and his many works, which resemble his confusion, may be the very cry of his soul.

9月:【cells -photo-】@DESIGN FESTA GALLERY

6月:【cells -photo- vol.2】@DESIGN FESTA GALLERY
8月:【納涼!ホラー展vol.5[mode of photo] @MERRY ART GALLERY別館
10月:【個展〜お花畑の傷跡〜】@76 Cafe OMOTESANDO
12月:[ ちえ、ひとりぼっち~松本ちえ×江戸川乱歩~] @Alfa Cafe(朗読会とのコラボ企画)

5月:【cells -photo- vol.3】@DESIGN FESTA GALLERY


5月:個展「Worthless」@The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo

Luxembourg Art Prize 2021芸術奨励賞受賞

2月:写真展『道標』水田ゆに展参加 @BEATS(大阪)

短編映画【The exchanged】(邦題:イレカワリ):Berlin Shorts Award May/Madrid Arthouse Film Festival Best horror short/Stockholm Short Festival/International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo受賞

9月:Darkroom Film Festival(London)にてショートムービー「Signals」上映